Our offer

What we do

Pol Invest can take investors through all the stages of investment process.

Project Preparation

Project Initiation

Project Implementation

Project Closure

The scope of our work includes:

Concepts – we adjust what we do to your needs

  • assessment of investor’s needs
  • selection of technology
  • feasibility study

Projects – we prepare projects of industrial objects with necessary infrastructure and technology

  • survey and inventory
  • building designs
  • detailed engineering desings
  • technological designs
  • building permits
  • as-built documentation

Administrative decisions – we can help you get necessary permits to start your investment

  • environmental permits
  • land development decision
  • building permits

Tender procedures – we can organize and manage them for you

  • adjustment of market tenders to project requirements
  • tender analysis (in terms of experience, warranty and price)
  • assistance throughout all the stages of tender approval
  • price negotiations
  • preparation of contracts with contractors and subcontractors

Construction of industrial facilities

  • grain and oil industrial facilities
  • port facilities
  • production halls
  • production halls
  • office blocks

Project supervision

  • supervision of construction projects at all the stages of investment process in all business sectors

Administrative decisions – we can help you to obtain necessary permits and decisions

  • construction and administrative acceptance


  • training for mechanical and technological operators, OHS training


  • preparation and application for TDT, UDT (Transportation Technical Inspection, The Office of Technical Inspection) certification/standards

Sale of machinery and equipment

  • Polish representative of the JK Machinery cleaning machine manufacturer