production hall

Hall for the production and processing of metal elements

Pol Invest – production and warehouse hall with a social and office building.

A new production and warehouse area with a social and office building located in the Pomorskie in Special Economic Zone in Tczew.  

The project  consists of a three-nave hall,  made in prefabricated reinforced concrete structure: prefabricated columns, pre-tensioned concrete girders, bracing and steel strings. The columns construction is prepared for further expansion. For halls foundation it was used: soil replacement, piling with screw displacement columns partly with a geosynthetic mattress  and their transition zones. The building has two floors (in the middle on the first floor there are conference rooms and storages). The roof is covered with a trapezoidal sheet, a layer of PE foil material, PIR (polyisocyanurate) sheets, covered with aluminum foil and a membrane on both sides. The hall is covered with  sandwich panels with PIR filling. Jointless floor is hardened on the surface, with dispersed (synthetic) reinforcement. Foundation plates for machines were made on part of the hall. All media installation access  are made from the top to allow machine locations to be changed. The total hall  area is 6231 m2.

The second part of the investment is complemented by a social and office building, made in traditional brick technology from silicate blocks, ceiling made of prestressed prefabricated and monolithic channel slabs. The building owns 3 floors without a basement, ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, IT network with high class 6a parameters has been provided, which will ensure the future development of the plant and transmission in technologies that will be developed. The total building area is 703 m2, and the usable area is 1305.2 m2.

The rest is completed by a security building in a brick structure with an area of ​​34m2.

Pol Invest supervised  over the entire process (project analysis, negotiations with potential contractors, selection of the General Contractor). Thanks to our commitment, the foundation design was changed and investment costs were reduced. The works has started started in September 2018 and finished in July 2019. We received the occupancy permit 2 months before the date set in the schedule!