silo storage

Pol Invest – Grain storage with energy-saving dryer, energy installation, LPG installation and gas evaporation and reduction station.

New storage space of silos with transport technology, a modern gas dryer with eco heat recovery and a drum screen, located in Bełżyce in the voivodeship Lublin.

The investment includes 1 flat-bottomed silo with a screw conveyor and 4 hopper silos. All silos are equipped with side unloading systems (transport line is not required to start). The storage area is equipped with a gas dryer (LPG) using a modern, eco heat recovery system that reduces fuel consumption. The total capacity of the dryer column is 23.9 t, which translates into corn drying from 30% to 15% of humidity with a capacity of 134t / day. The dryer energy demands are covered by the LPG gas tank installation with an underground tank 2 x 6.7 m2, a container station for evaporation and gas reduction as well as the connection and installation supplying the gas burner of the grain dryer. The set of devices is completed by an efficient drum sieve with the aspiration system necessary for the preliminary cleaning of grain.

Grain intake takes place in a hall with a height of 8.15m, which covers unloading car with a length of 10 m with a heavy ramp. Further, grain is transported at speeds up to 120 t/h by chain conveyors and bucket elevators. Thanks to the use of many two- and three-way distributors, the operator has the ability to direct the received grain in any way, without having to return it to the hopper.

The investment was co-financed by the European Union from the Agricultural Development Program for 2014-2020. Construction and assembly works lasted 6 months.

Pol Invest was the General Contractor of the carried-out investment.