How it all started…

In 2015, we employed three people who worked in an office with an area of ​​approximately 25 m2, and this is how we started our activity as POLINVEST. In the beginning, we only dealt with investment supervision. Then, we boldly expanded our services with design work and the construction of industrial facilities.

spotkanie pracowników firmy pol invest projects w biurze
czterech pracownikow biurowych firmy pol invest projects

Our team is almost 30 people today

Our design office brings together technologists and designers with experience in many fields of industry, and construction teams are characterized by high-quality investment execution and professionalism in operation.

We operate as a limited liability company.

We have knowledge and ideas for development in even more industries now. We know we can do it as we have team members who accept the challenges and choose to move forward instead of giving up.

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