We develop technological projects under applicable EU regulations and standards. An experienced team of technologists assesses the Investor’s needs and selects technologies in a way that ensures:

  • maximum automation of the production process
  • optimal operating costs
  • increase and repeatability of production
  • optimization of the used space
  • minimizing environmental impact
  • greater employee safety
  • greater competitiveness
technologie i projekty technologiczne - budowa - projekt
technologie i projekty technologiczne - budowa - projekt

We design and manufacture technologies:

  • production of vegetable protein from legumes
  • production of vegetable oil and feed components
  • processing and storage of cereal seeds
  • processing and storage of legume seeds
  • flour and bran production
  • flour extrusion
  • loading and delivery of food products
  • transport of loose products
  • for feed mills
  • recycling
  • transport and storage of sulphur and fertilizers
  • storage of frozen products
  • for the port industry